• Posted by Meghan on 02 Aug 2010

The summer continues to pass quickly for us!  We have been busy with play dates and Ben recently traveled to Brazil for a conference while the kids and I spent that time in West Lafayette.

Eden is now completely potty trained during the day.  She tells us when she needs to go and has only had one accident so far.  She has been wearing diapers during her naps and at bedtime but that’s changing tonight!  This afternoon during her nap time she discovered that she can climb out of her crib.  I think she was quite surprised to find herself on the floor, but not nearly as surprised as I was.  She then spent the afternoon begging to be put back in her crib wanting to try it again.  Ben and I had been debating when to move her to a big girl bed and I was hoping to hold out until she turned 2, but tonight is the night.  She is in a toddler bed and she’s going without a diaper.  We’re probably crazy, but she has been waking up very early in the morning to go to the bathroom and we just decided that we would give it a try tonight.  Her potty is in her room so if she needs to go, we hope she will get up and go by herself.

Andy is sleeping through the night now without waking for his pacifier.  He has figured out how to put it back into his mouth so he doesn’t need us during the night.  Last week he officially moved into 9 month clothes (at only 5 months old!).  It’s hard to believe how quickly he is growing and learning.  He still hasn’t rolled over but gets very frustrated when he’s on the floor attempting to roll.

The kids got a little swing set for the back yard.  Andy likes the swing and Eden likes the slide and Mommy and Daddy like them being contained and entertained so everyone is happy!  We went to the zoo today and Eden was able to feed the twigas!  She loved it!  We also saw the dolphin show and both kids were completely fascinated.  There are new pictures and a video up for your viewing pleasure!

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