• Posted by Meghan on 10 Nov 2017

Six years ago Ben, Andy and I touched down in Indianapolis without Eden. I remember the night we realized we were going to have to leave her in Kenya. We were sitting on the steps in the Heron hotel in Nairobi talking to a man from Rep. Rokita’s office. There was nothing left to do. No one else to call, no more favors to ask, no more begging or pleading…we couldn’t do anything else ourselves, so we did the only thing we could. We booked flights, one way for Andy and I and a quick return flight for Ben, and trusted that God would finish what he had started in Eldoret in 2009.

Stepping off the plane was the start of 10 very hard weeks during which Ben and Eden celebrated Thanksgiving, Eden’s 3rd birthday, Christmas, our anniversary and New Year’s on a different continent. But those 10 weeks were also filled with many blessings and miracles. Our communities in the US and in Kenya surrounded us with prayer, meals, notes, babysitting, legal genius, signatures on our petition, Elmo cookies and a cake, and supported us in many other ways, some I’m sure I still haven’t heard about.

Most importantly during that time, God moved mountains. God led us to attorneys who not only helped us convince the government to allow Eden to return to the US, but who later helped another family adopt their Kenyan babies. Over 35,000 people heard our story and signed our petition. They were used by a powerful God to fulfill a plan He had made before time even began. At the end of those 10 weeks, Ben and Eden came home. A week later, Grace was born and life moved on.

These six years have been a blur, but we haven’t forgotten, and we know many of you haven’t either. Looking back, Ben and I laugh at the plan we had. It was easy and convenient and worked for us, but God had a much bigger and better plan. A plan that clearly showed God’s glory and power in the midst of our weakness. Now we get to look back and see that God was faithful, and because of that, we know that we can trust Him to be faithful again and again and again.

This summer, our family returned to Kenya. The night we spent in Nairobi, I crept out of my room and sat on those same stairs in the Heron hotel. I remembered our despair; how I couldn’t imagine leaving Eden in another country, not knowing when I would hold her in my arms again. I remembered feeling crushed and defeated and at the end of myself. Then I thanked God for the blessing of returning to those steps, this time full of joy and expectation. I slipped back into our room and kissed each of my kids before going back to sleep.

I can’t miss this opportunity to say thank you (better late than never, right?). Thanks to each of you that did all of the little things, and to those of you that did the very big things. They mattered to us and made a difference and we’re still very grateful. Most importantly, I’m thankful to our loving Father, who precisely orchestrated each tiny detail, and who lets us play a small part in His story.


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  1. Lyn Says:

    Oh Megs, thank you for sharing and reminding us of God’s amazing faithfulness! ‘Eden’s story’ has to be one of the clearest examples of this that I’ve been privileged to witness. Watching you and Ben never waver during this time, as you trusted Him, and on into the next several years, increased MY faith! May we continue to tell these stories, as He is glorified in their recounting.

  2. Steve Says:

    The Sheltering Baobab
    -a Christmas 2011 Haiku

    awesome God – in heaven
    Bright stars over twiga – three
    rooftop skyping – Joy

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