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Meghan Campbell Wolfe

About Meghan

Meghan has degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education. She taught math and special education at Creston Middle School for the last few years but has since retired to travel and raise a family.

Ben Wolfe

About Ben

Ben is a Java Developer working for Fusion Alliance. He plays soccer, basketball, and the occasional racquetball game whenever he can find a team or partner. He also enjoys working around the house when not entertaining the kids.

About Eden

Eden was born in Eldoret Kenya in late 2008. She is a (too) smart toddler that learns more than seems possible every day. She loves being in charge of her two younger siblings.

About Andy

Andy was born in February 2010 in Indianapolis. He is a highly active little man that loves exploring, climbing, jumping, and generally just being a normal rambunctious boy.

About Grace

Grace was born in January 2012 in Indianapolis. She loves to smile and watch everything going on around her.

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