• Posted by Ben on 24 Sep 2009

We had an ultrasound today over at the Riley Mother and Baby Hospital. Sierra was able to see the baby’s head, arms, heart beating, ribs, and legs. It was being a little difficult so it took her a few minutes to get the wand in the right position. Meghan turned a little bit and … she could say with 90% certainty that it was a boy! We’re both very excited (with me being a little more so)! 😀

Sierra had no concerns; movement was good, size was good, heart was beating as expected, etc. ultrasound-19weeks

We have an appointment in 4 weeks to get another ultrasound to hopefully reduce that last 10% to zero!

6 Responses to “Its A…”

  1. ben Says:

    In the picture, the head is to the left, the fingers of the right hand in front of it, and a big midsection.

  2. deb james Says:

    Yeah!!! Congrats and thanks for the news!!!
    deb and all

  3. deb james Says:

    grandmas said that she really appreciates your updates and your faithfulness…thanks, megs…

  4. Carey Says:

    WOOHOO!!! I told you it was a boy. I am so excited to have a little nephew. 🙂 Congrats!

  5. donna Says:

    Congratulations Ben and Meghan this is very exciting!!! Dede and Rob are going to be grandparents to a baby boy!!

  6. ryan & anna Says:

    team pittsburgh is very excited about the boy. how old does he have to be before we can take him up to wrigley field???

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