• Posted by Meghan on 21 Sep 2009

Well, we made it to Eldoret! We flew Friday morning (left our hotel at 4:30am) from Cape Town to Johannesburg and then spent about six hours sitting in the NWA lounge in Jo’burg which was really nice. We then flew from Jo’burg to Nairobi and got in on Friday night. We had a bit of a rough night in Nairobi between the phone call at 1am and the strange old man that thought his friends were staying in our room. He rang the doorbell four times between 5 and 6am. Saturday morning was spent in a meeting with some people from CHAK (Christian Hospital Association of Kenya) explaining the benefits of using OpenMRS in their hospitals (I played a vital role in the conversations as you can imagine).

We flew to Eldoret Saturday afternoon and made it to our new “home” in time for dinner. We lucked out and were invited to dinner at the Chinese restaurant in town by Joe Mamlin (the man who runs the program here). Sunday we tried to sleep in but between the rooster crowing from 4am-11am, the dogs barking all night and day and the gates opening and closing that didn’t really happen. We went grocery shopping (an interesting experience) and then I set up our room while Ben worked. The plan was that I would do a lot of cooking here which is why we needed a kitchen but the cooking has not been a huge success. This is mostly because we have no way of measuring anything and we don’t have any basic ingredients that you might find in the US. So far I’ve attempted spaghetti and tomato soup and both were edible but far from delicious.

Ben worked today. He really had it rough, sitting outside on a covered porch enjoying the sunshine and light breeze while “working”. I got up at 7:45 and headed with two other women to the Sally Test Center. We danced ourselves into puddles of sweat with the kids there then walked the 15 minutes back to the IU House where we had lunch then walked the 15 minutes back and spent the afternoon dancing some more. Ben met me at the hospital and we walked another 10 minutes into town to do some more grocery shopping.

My poor little pregnant body is exhausted. My feet and ankles are swollen, I had to hold my hand in the freezer to get my wedding rings off because they were cutting my skin, and my toes look like stuffed sausages. However, I want it noted that at 4 1/2 months pregnant I was leaping and twirling and doing arabesques which impressed everyone that were there. The good news is that we won’t be dancing as much everyday starting next week.

We have been so busy that we haven’t even had time to take any pictures of our house. We will post pictures soon so that you can see where and how we’re living!

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  1. Mom Says:

    Oh my gosh, quit swirling and arabesquing!! You should not be swollen. This is the nurse, not the mother talking. Now, the mother says “wow, you’re good. Don’t try any headstands. That is never successful :)” So glad you’ve arrived and are settled. Do you have internet in your house now?

  2. donna Says:

    This made me laugh, I was picturing you dancing putting your hand in the freezer and picturing your sausage toes!! Take care of yourself and eat some fruit and veggies!

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