• Posted by Meghan on 30 Sep 2009

It has been a rough few days at the Sally Test Center.  On Monday I had to take Eden to get some of her immunizations and one of them gave her a really bad fever.  She was sick Monday and Tuesday and it was hard to watch.  Also, one of the boys that has been a wonderful leader and helper to us at STC took a turn for the worse over the weekend.  He was too weak to even come to the celebration yesterday.
I told one of the guys that works here that in the midst of my excitement about getting to spend time with the kids and hold babies, I forgot that these kids are patients at the hospital.  They are sick and have such sad stories and some of them even die.  The teachers that I work with are wonderful but I have no idea how they do it year after year.
On a positive note today both Eden and Michael were feeling better.  Eden ate two bowls of cereal for breakfast (she normally doesn’t finish one) and she ate well the rest of the day.  She even ate an entire banana before I left at 5.  Michael was up and walking this afternoon and said he still felt tired but he didn’t feel as sick.  He gets daily chemo treatments so he’s bound to have low periods.  Please pray for the kids and the adults that are at the Sally Test Center.  We have fun, but there is a lot of sadness, too.
I met with Eden’s social worker from the hospital today.  She wasn’t able to give me very much information but said that she would talk to the chief children’s officer at the hospital and have information for me tomorrow.  At least we got the ball rolling.  YEA!!  🙂

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  1. deb james Says:

    Oh, my, that is reality! Sweet kids can be sick kids, and for no known reason, kids can have such difficult struggles. My heart goes out to you. I pray that Michael gets through his treatments without too much illness, and that the road is all up from here for Eden. Love you guys

  2. Mom Says:

    God is certainly using you all in ways I hadn’t anticipated. Will continue to pray for Eden and Michael and all of you that care for them. We love you.

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