• Posted by Meghan on 09 Sep 2009

Over the years some of you may have spent time pondering the very question that I found myself thinking about this afternoon…’How many games of FreeCell can a girl play in one afternoon?’ Today I had the chance to discover the answer. I play about 29 games an hour (with a winning streak, I might add). That means that if I played from the end of my lunch time until we leave in the evening for dinner I could play about 150 games if I didn’t take any water or bathroom breaks. Amazing, huh?
On a positive note, I was allowed out of my room to play this afternoon. I was able to spend the entire time (almost) downstairs in front of the fire. Not that I actually socialized with anyone. It turns out that the only way computer scientists communicate at conferences is through instant messaging and I’m not privy to their secret chat rooms, but at least I was warm!
Yes, this is my life in Africa. Some people thought I was so adventurous and wild running away to another continent. And it’s true; I’ve had the chance to experiment with all kinds of new things since I’ve been here (such as long hours of silence and FreeCell). Try not to worry about me too much. I’ve heard that on Friday there’s a chance that they will be taking a half-day. Those CS-ers are a wild bunch.

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