• Posted by Meghan on 30 Oct 2009

There was a time not so long ago where I was the popular Wolfe. Every one wanted to talk about me and see pictures of my growing tummy. It seems that was quickly and easily replaced with Eden who is clearly now the most popular Wolfe. I understand and I’m not complaining (too much) but I just thought everyone should know that I am aware that I am not as exciting as I once was. So, for an update on Miss Eden…

It’s hard to believe that she has only been with us a little over two weeks. I think we have all adjusted pretty well. Ben has had a harder time adjusting to the lack of sleep but I had the advantage of getting up every few hours during the night before Eden came because of little Andy anyway. Our daytime routine is pretty settled, but the nights are still a work in progress.

She is changing and growing so fast. She loves to walk behind the little car at the Sally Test Center and she can do that all by herself now. She has learned how to drink out of her sippy cup and pulls herself up on everything. A few days ago she started letting go and standing alone and she is able to do it for a pretty long time now. She gets a big smile on her face and holds her hands up in the air. She is going to be walking in no time. She is very good at waving and waves at everyone (and sometimes no one) and also talks all the time. She likes to end her “sentences” very loudly for emphasis.

The lawyer is filing for an emergency adoption order again hopefully sometime next week. Apparently there is a different judge that he is going to file with and he is feeling optimistic. We have also started the process of getting a birth certificate for her and will hopefully complete that on Monday. Then we can get her passport and then the visa. Keep praying that everything goes well and quickly!

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  1. Mom Says:

    We’re praying!! Does it seem like everything takes days longer than expected? Maybe this is proof that my timing is not necessarily God’s timing 🙂 I love the new pictures and have the one with the soccer ball as my screen saver. Have a great dinner out!!

  2. Lyn Watson Says:

    We continuing praying every day!! Keep posting those cute pictures!!

  3. Lyn Watson Says:

    Her new clothes and carrier are beeeautiful!!! Praying that BC comes thru 1st thing- praying hard!!

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