• Posted by Ben on 26 Feb 2010

We all came home from the hospital on Monday night. Meghan was allowed 48 hours in the hospital and I stayed with her the whole time (on a very small pull out bed). We had people at the house watching Eden which was nice for her and helpful for us.Eden-andy-and-mama

Eden has adjusted nicely to having a baby brother. She loves walking up to him and saying “Baby”. (We’re still trying to get her to say “Andy.”) We take this as a win because she sees pictures/videos of herself and also says Baby!

Her sleeping hasn’t taken any hits with the addition of Andy. We knew she could sleep through anything before but now we know she can also sleep through a crying baby. Luckily Andy can also sleep in the same room when Eden is crying, I guess he heard it enough while in the womb to be used it by now! As a second stroke of luck, I (Ben) can also sleep through Andy’s cries in our room at night. This comes in handy when Andy is asking to be fed at 2 and 5 in the morning! (Don’t worry, I can’t sleep through Meghan poking me and telling me to go get Andy a change of clothes though…)

I’m taking one more week off of work to help set up some sort of schedule with Eden and Andy and to let Meghan rest up during the day. The following week Donna and Lauren are coming to stay for a few days. Hopefully by then Andy is sleeping through the night! 😉 (One can dream at least, right??)

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  1. Mom Says:

    Cute picture!! How nice that people stayed at your house while you were in the hospital!! Good luck with the sleeping 🙂

  2. Great-Grandpa Says:

    Yea! Bonding has begun, bonding will continue, bonding will be strengthened. I don’t know if the closeness of an African baby is a built-in characteristic, or whether it is simply characteristic of all little girls (and frequently of boys), but I noticed it was definitely true among our Kipsigis children. Whateve, Eden will ‘take’ to Andy.

    And with children in the home, the true purpose of the ‘husband’ will be experienced –
    “house-holder,’ ‘house-owner,’ ‘house-band’ and similar ideas are what Papa Ben will be involved in. He is the main one responsible for the ‘house-hold,’ it is his to oversee, to ensure all fits together, to be united towards the goals of righteousness.

    Blessings upon the Husband/Father – Blessings upon the Wife/Mother who supplies the glue of love – Blessings upon the children who are now and always will be so dependent upon parents – Blessings upon the House-hold.

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