• Posted by Ben on 01 May 2010

I’ve updated our photo gallery to have a few new features:

  1. You can now “download” any of the full size images. There is a download link in the upper right near the close button.
  2. You can now upload your own amazingly cute photos of Ben…or if you have some of Eden, Andy, or Meghan we’ll take those too! There is an upload box near the bottom of the photos page.

For the three of you that are technically minded and actually care: the picture gallery is powered by a great jquery plugin called yoxview.

3 Responses to “New Photo Gallery Features”

  1. Mom Says:

    Oh thank heavens. I was afraid it wouldn’t be powered by yoxview 🙂

  2. Ben Says:

    Dede, sorry, you are not in one of the coveted three geek spots of readers of our blog! 😛

  3. Nana Says:

    Neither is the “other Mom”!! I have no idea what you’re even talking about! 😉

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