• Posted by Meghan on 14 Jul 2010

Eden turned 19 months old this weekend. She is becoming such a little grown up. Our most recent accomplishment is potty training! She is very good at going potty all by herself when she is at the house. She just runs around naked and when she needs to go she runs to her potty and goes. She’s not as successful when we are out of the house or when she is clothed, but it’s a work in progress. 🙂

Eden is also getting much better at playing with others. She has been playing with her friend Clara and also Emery and Colton and loves being with other kids! She loves the water and has no fear of it. She will jump in, put her face under water and blows bubbles. She even went off the diving board at the Cook’s house.

To see how Eden is growing and changing, check out the videos! We hope you enjoy them!

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