• Posted by Meghan on 24 Sep 2010

Andy is now 7 months old! He is really starting to move around a lot more and interacts with all of us. He desperately wants to crawl and be able to chase Eden around. He lays on his belly and wiggles and squirms, following her with his eyes while she plays. He really loves anything that Eden does. He gets so excited when she comes in to get him up in the morning or after naps and likes to jump in his exersaucer when she is jumping near by.

Andy loves being outside and playing peek-a-boo. He laughs a lot and has started rolling from his tummy on to his back. He is really getting in to the baby food but pretty much refuses to eat anything green. He’s a great snuggler and decided about a week ago that he would like to get up at 3am every morning for a little snuggle time. Last night was the last night for that, though! 🙂 His first tooth is about half way in (note the slobbery clothes) and he has been a trooper throughout the process.

We have several events coming up and will be posting a bunch of pictures over the next few weeks, so check back often!

2 Responses to “Andy is 7 Months!”

  1. Lyn Says:

    Love seeing these sweet faces! Didn’t think either of them could get any cuter, but I think they are!

  2. deda Says:

    Wow, he’s darling!!! And HUGE!!

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