• Posted by Meghan on 24 Jan 2011

Andy and Colin shared a special day this month as Andy turned 11 months and Colin turned….a little bit older than that. 🙂 Andy is really into peek-a-boo and loves to clap when someone else claps. He’s walking more without being forced to do it and he is much better at standing alone. He makes a break for the stairs whenever he sees the gate at the bottom left ajar just a tiny bit.

Andy has pretty much stopped eating baby food which means we don’t really have many leftovers. He is an eating champ and these days eats 1/4 cup of baby oatmeal and 2 sausage links for breakfast, which is more than Eden eats. Plus he’s then hungry again 3 hours later!

We’re looking forward to celebrating Andy’s 1st birthday, even though we can’t believe how quickly the year has flown by!

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