• Posted by Meghan on 28 Feb 2011

We’re a little behind on the updates because February was very busy month for us. Andy turned 1 on February 20 and he’s practically a real man now!

He walks every where and hardly crawls at all and has even started speed walking, especially when he sees the gate is open to the stairs. He says a couple of words but doesn’t say them very often. He can say ‘sausage’ and ‘bye-bye’ and recently started waving. He also signs all done when he is ready to get out of his high chair.

He still loves to snuggle and is very easy going, but occasionally lets us know he has an opinion about things by letting out a loud squawk when we do something he doesn’t like. Andy crawls on everything and knows how to use Eden’s little riding train as a step to get up on to the couch. He loves to play with Eden and it’s really fun to see the two of them interacting so much.

Andy will be seeing an ENT in March to look at tubes for his ears. If he has to get them, we would like to do that before our flights to Kenya to make the take off and landing more pleasant. Please pray for wisdom and safety as we look at our options.

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  1. Lyn Watson Says:

    I’ll pray bout the tubes but still praying maybe God will provide that last second deal of staying here and not going at all!!

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