• Posted by Meghan on 27 Mar 2011

Andy is now 13 months and he is changing so quickly these days. He has learned several new words and one more sign. He can say: Mama, Dada, Papa, bye-bye, up, go go go, and he signs ‘more’. Andy is very brave and wants to climb on and over everything. He is bouncing a lot now and is starting to do little dances. He can do some of the motions for The Wheels on the Bus and likes to clap his hands with any song that Eden sings.

Andy is still very happy and easy going although he’s definitely starting to let us know that he has an opinion about things. He loves to play with Eden but every once in a while they get into a little scuffle. Unfortunately for Eden, Andy has a lot of weight behind him these days. Today they were both trying to play with the music table. Andy wanted to use the piano portion and so did Eden. She knocked him down and he pulled himself back to a standing position, pushed in front of her and then sat down, knocking her into a sitting position and placing himself in her lap. I came in to the room when I heard her screaming because she couldn’t get out from under him. 🙂

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