• Posted by Ben on 08 Apr 2011

We made it! The flight was very uneventful…if you count “sleeping” as an event. Both of them fell sleep early on and things were looking to be smooth sailing (err, flying). However, both woke up within a few hours due to reorienting, some bumps, and other annoying plane noises. 🙁 The last 6 hours seemed more like 16…

BUT we survived and are in the van towards Eldoret! Both kids are sleeping and both parents wish they could!

After waking up Andy caught up on some emails…

8 Responses to “Back in Kenya”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hooray!! So glad you made it!!

  2. nana Says:

    God is good!! So glad you all made it intact-looks like all the luggage did too. After a few days of jet lag you’ll be good as new!! Hopefully….The sun looks wonderful beaming thru the car windows-we’re in for a 4-5 day stint of rain! ahhhh spring 🙂
    Is that your new van?

  3. Aunt KK Says:

    YAY! I hope all travels continue to go well.

  4. Aunt Donna Says:

    Yeah I am glad things went well, Andy looks like a young version of Ben with his computer. Have him send me a personal email! Love you

  5. Michael Says:

    Perhaps Andy can work on some intro tickets on the long ride. Safe travels!

  6. Nyoman Says:

    Enjoy the sunny days (or maybe rainy days there) 🙂

    Safe trip to Eldoret.

  7. Jer Says:

    I hope Andy realizes his patches will have to be peer reviewed …

  8. Aunt Debbie Says:

    yippee…only your children would still look darling after a zillion hours on a plane, van, etc. hugs all around. Love you so much…miss you already.

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