• Posted by Meghan on 24 Apr 2011

We are filled with joy today as we were able to celebrate Christ’s resurrection with wonderful friends here in Kenya. We attended an early worship service this morning then came back to the compound to throw an Easter party for children from a local shelter.

It was so neat to be able to bless some of the OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) patients today. We threw an Easter party they won’t soon forget. The kids had brunch, made bunny hats, Easter baskets, had an egg hunt, threw water balloons, did the Bunny Hop, played Pin the Tail on the Bunny and much more! The kids loved it and went home with full bellies, lots of candy and hats!

The best part was that a very dear girl that was a patient at the Sally Test Center when Eden was there was a part of the group that came today. Miriam is an orphan that has had so many challenges in her life, but she is quick to laugh and smile and is a wonderful leader in this group. She is very bright and it was such a JOY to see her today!

We hope that you were able to celebrate the resurrection with friends and family. Enjoy the pictures!

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  1. Deda Says:

    What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter!! Is your friend standing next to you in the picture of “the girls?”

  2. Colin Says:

    Hey did you get those McDonald’s toys to the orphanage yet? If you can get a picture of the kids with the toys, it’d be cool to show Jonathan and his dad

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