• Posted by Ben on 23 May 2011

Andy turned 15 months old on Friday! He really is turning into a little man. I was practically absent for 2 weeks while I was giving a training at the hospital to programmers (and then preparing/grading/working all night). So when it was done it really was a surprise to me how much he changed! He is willing to say any word we give him now. And he really wants to do anything that Eden does. If she climbs onto the couch, he’ll climb onto the couch. If she lays down and rolls around, he has to lay down and roll around. If she gets on the bicycle, he, well, pushes her around on the bicycle.

We just now are getting him to say “please” and “thank you”. And “yes” is at least sprinkled in amongst his “no”s. He loves to wave hello and goodbye. He says “mambo” (which is supposed to be “jambo”, swahili for “hi”) or “bye” while doing it and is very happy about it. He loves to push all kinds of buttons (not just Mommy’s): computers, dvd players, and phones are not safe. He likes to point out every “ndege” (bird) that he sees too…and sometimes I have a hard time finding it! He seems to have dropped his morning nap, which is great for Meghan because the kids naps are realigned!

Waiting as patiently as possible for breakfast...

Andy writing some OpenMRS code

2 Responses to “Andy is 15 Months!”

  1. Deda Says:

    Oh gosh, he’s changed so much!! We’re counting the days to seeing everyone 🙂

  2. Lyn Says:

    Even those cute little African kids want to run their fingers thru his blond hair, don’t they?! Too cute!!!

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