• Posted by Meghan on 19 May 2011

Just a quick update on what we have been up to recently.

Ben: Ben led a conference that lasted two really long weeks.  He taught from 8-5 and then came home and worked most evenings until midnight.  He didn’t have a whole lot of time for anything else, but has squeezed in a couple of soccer games, taken out the trash and developed a way for us to have internet at the house.

Meghan: I’ve been busy keeping up with the house, the kids and new friends.  There are always dishes to be done and floors to be swept as well as kids needing to be put down for naps.  I’ve managed to find some time recently to read and have appreciated new friends being willing to run to the store or around town with me to help with the kids.  We have been going to the Sally Test Pediatric Center about once a week and yesterday went to visit three orphanages.

Eden: Eden has been very busy growing up!  As we realized how low we were on pull-ups, we decided it was time for Eden to stop wearing them for her naps.  She doesn’t like going to bed without her milk, but hasn’t had an accident since we started 5 days ago!  Eden also started “school” this week.  Each day during Andy’s morning nap we sit down to do some pages in a preschool work book.  She’s quite proud of herself and is doing really well.  It’s fun watching her think and to see how much she already knows.  She talks about home a lot saying things like, “Remember when Eden went ice skating?” or “When I go home from Kenya, I’m going to the jumping place!” My very favorite is when she talks about people.  She’ll ask me, “Mommy, do you remember my friend Clara?” or “Do you know my Papa?”  However, most important in her mind these days is my birthday.  She really NEEDS to have birthday cake and has been drawing pictures of cakes every day.

Andy: Andy is quickly becoming a big boy.  He is talking much more and runs around like he owns the place.  He’s getting more independent with his eating (which is very sad for the person who has to clean the floors in this family…) and he loves to be outside.  He knows that no matter what, he can do anything that Eden can do!  He’s still easy going and laid back and definitely charms the people in the compound.  He’s always being carried, hugged, thrown in to the air or being given treats by the other people that live here.

Please pray for the adoption process.  It’s taking longer to get things rolling than we anticipated and we’re stuck waiting for approval from the Little Angel’s adoption agency who we have been waiting to hear from since 2009!  Everything else seems to be in place, so once we get over this portion, we’re ready to roll! We know that God has a perfect plan and we’re trusting Him to direct us, but it feels like time is wasting away while we sit here not moving forward.

We really miss some of the conveniences of back home and of course miss our family, but we’ve all adjusted well and are having fun on this little adventure.  Please keep us up to date on your lives at home.  We love hearing about what you all are doing and what exciting things are happening in your lives!

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