• Posted by Ben on 17 Jun 2011

Last Friday night, Deda, Papa and Uncle Colin arrived in Eldoret! Papa arrived without his luggage, but everything else made it. We’ve been very busy touring around Eldoret and the surrounding areas and have had fun spending time together.

Last Saturday we visited Kruger Farm, which is a farm, but also a sanctuary for giraffes and many different deer-like creatures. It was a bit cloudy, but we rode around in a truck (the boys rode in the back) and saw quite a few animals. After the farm, we went to Kerio View for lunch, which sits on the edge of the Rift Valley. We were treated to a “Choma” which is a lunch of different roasted meats. We had chicken, beef, pork and lamb as well as several side dishes. It was delicious and we had fun walking around the resort. After lunch we hiked out to Robert’s Point which is basically a large rock sticking out over the drop off. Dad almost made it his final resting place when he slid down the hill which led to the rock.

On Sunday we went to church. I think everyone liked seeing where we have been attending worship and the family met one of the pastor’s and his family. Colin was very quick to note “what a big boy” the pastor’s daughter is. 🙂 It’s hard to tell the difference here because almost all children have shaved heads and clothing is ambiguous. But it was still funny! Sunday night Mom had a run-in with Kenya’s version of Montezuma’s Revenge. Once she started her cipro she bounced back pretty quickly and was back to her normal self by Tuesday.

Monday Colin and Dad went to Sally Test Pediatric Center with me to lead a dance session. They were troopers, even though Dad told me he felt like he had just been through an aerobics class! We were all sweaty and tired, but had fun. Tuesday was a relaxing day around town. We hit a local hot spot for lunch called Sizzlers Cafe (Mom actually went in to the restaurant, but didn’t eat)- check out the pictures and you’ll understand, and then spent the afternoon around the compound. Wednesday we were back at Sally Test for crafts. We made masks, which the kids and workers loved!

Thursday we took a ride out to Kakamega Forest, which is a remnant of the rain forest that used to cover this area. We had a rough ride for the last 12 km, and were thankful for the 4-wheel drive vehicle we were in. We lunched under a mango tree and then started our 2 hour hike through the forest. We saw many interesting plants, some giant snails, several monkeys and a lot of butterflies. Eden fell asleep on Colin’s back and Andy was more interested in digging in the dirt then our hike, but overall it was very fun.

Today we went to Poa Place which is a local amusement park. We visited the zoo and saw lots of animals then made a quick stop at the trampolines. After that Eden played on the playground and Andy dug in the sand with his new shovel. We lunched (Dad LOVED his lamb chops) and the rest of us enjoyed chicken. Then we changed into bathing suits and played in the ice-cold swimming pool for a while.

This weekend we are traveling to Nakuru for a 2 day safari. We’re staying at the Lion’s Hill Lodge and are looking forward to our trip.

We hope you enjoy the pictures that we’ve posted!

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