• Posted by Meghan on 23 Jul 2011

Andy is growing up way too fast.  He is getting quite independent and adventuresome in his old age.  He loves to “wrestle” with Eden and Ben and enjoys playing outside.  He has started squealing a lot which is hard on the ears, but it’s squeals of joy so it’s still pretty cute. Andy is very funny about being told “no”.  He hates it and it starts a complete meltdown when he can’t do something he wants to do.  However, he normally sits on the floor crying for a few seconds, then comes running over to Ben or me for hugs.  He is still a good snuggler and has gotten much better about the hitting.  He really loves his Twiga and carries it around with him so that he can quickly curl up with it on the floor when he needs a little love.  🙂

I recently took the kids down to the IU office to weigh them.  Andy weighed about 30 lbs and Eden weighed about 28!  I can barely carry the two of them together anymore, even though they both still want picked up a lot.  We had to move a chair in to Andy’s room for bedtime because he is too heavy to hold while we sing and pray with him.

Andy’s favorite toys right now are cars and trucks.  He can find a car or truck in pretty much any book and then just wants to stare at the picture.  He loves to drive his Tonka cars through their little garage and has a couple of big trucks that he pushes all around the house.  He also likes to spot them when we’re out driving so most of our car rides are filled with Andy yelling from his carseat, “Car!  Truck!  Bus!”.  He is still very happy and easy going and we’re enjoying this fun stage.

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  1. Mom Says:

    He’s so cute!! I can’t believe he’s beat Eden on weight…he’s one big boy. Thanks for the update.

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