• Posted by Meghan on 24 Jul 2011

Ben, Eden, Andy and I are very excited to let you all know that soon we will have another Wolfe in the family!  Baby #3 is due January 28, 2012!  I have been much more sick than I was with Andy and have struggled with my limited food options here when certain things sound good to me.  I’m now 13 weeks and still can’t stand the sight of raw meat or the smell of meat cooking.  I have been able to eat chicken again over the last couple of weeks as long as someone else prepares it.  We’re all hoping that I feel better soon!

Eden is very excited and has already told us several times that she is sick because she has a baby in her belly.  She thinks the baby is a boy and likes to pat my tummy and give it kisses.  Andy doesn’t really care, but if you ask where the baby is he will pull up his shirt and show you his belly.

We have had a couple of ultrasounds already and everything looked good.  We’re planning on having another one in a few weeks so that we can find out if we’re having a boy or a girl.

This puts a lot of hiccups in our plans for coming home from Kenya.  We really need to leave by November in order to be home before my third trimester but it might be hard to get the visa for Eden to travel back to the US by that time.  Please pray with us that we can all go home together in October or November and for an easy pregnancy and healthy baby!

3 Responses to “Here We Grow Again!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hooray for baby # 3. The third child is always the most fun 🙂

  2. Papa Says:

    Glad to see we don’t have to keep it a secret any longer. It was killing me.

  3. Donna Duchene Says:

    I am not sure that #3 is the most fun, but I am excited for you. Lauren is already making plans to come out and help you

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