• Posted by Meghan on 25 Aug 2011

I cannot believe that Andy is so old!  He has been sick and had a fever today and fell asleep in my arms and I just looked at him, shocked that he has grown so fast.  He is very active and is talking a lot these days.  He climbs on everything, is trying to jump, runs like crazy and is suddenly very independent.  He no longer wants to be fed, but isn’t quite coordinated enough to do it himself.  It makes for some tears at mealtime, but we’ve found that if we put food on his fork or spoon and let him put it in his mouth he is much happier.

He has taken to calling people by the last syllable of their name so now Sonak is “Nak” and Rahab is “Hab”.  He thinks it’s very funny.  I’m amazed at how many people he can call by name.  I tried to count and came up with over 20.  He loves playing with the other kids here (Gavin who just turned 1, and Ellana who is a couple of months younger than Andy).  He gets very excited when he sees them and bends down and screams, “HI ELLANA!!” or “HI GAVIN!!” right in their faces.  His newest word is ‘dude’ which he picked up from me saying it to Ben.  He has also started calling Ben ‘Ben’ instead of Daddy and cracks himself up when he does it.

Andy still loves vehicles and has a big collection of toy cars and trucks now.  He still loves to snuggle and likes to get in his bed and curl up with his twigas and blankie any chance he gets.  He will go in to his room and bang on the zipper end of his bed yelling, “Open!” until someone goes in and unzips it for him.  He would sit in his seat and watch movies all day so we’ve had to start putting the dvd player up so that he can’t see it.  He’s figured out which button makes the movies play, so if we forget to put it up we often find him sitting on the table watching movies that he started by himself.

We had his 18 month pictures taken today by our friend Chrissie, Gavin’s mom, and will post them when we see them.  He did a really good job and wasn’t too smiley but didn’t cry or make a stink.

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