• Posted by Meghan on 17 Oct 2011

I’m a little late on the post because Ben was in Rwanda last week and I didn’t have anyone to take my picture.  So…25 weeks!  This has actually been a fun week because Eden and Ben were both able to feel Grace moving this week.  Eden felt her on Tuesday morning right after Eden woke up.  She was very excited and when I told her that Gracie had kicked her she said, “That’s not nice Gracie.  We don’t kick.”  🙂  Eden is such a good first child.

Gracie was as excited as the rest of us when Ben got home on Saturday and she was moving like crazy so Ben was able to feel a couple of thumps as well.  I was measured by one of the doctors here last week and measured 23 cm.  She used a fetoscope to listen to the heartbeat and as soon as she put her ear against it, Gracie gave her a big kick also.  Erin thought it was very funny but was able to hear a clear heartbeat after that.

I’m feeling great although find myself pretty sleepy by the time the kids go to bed if I don’t get a nap in the afternoon.  I had been having some back/leg pain but a minor adjustment to my pillows (suggested by my personal PT, Chrissie) fixed that problem.  The only other complaint comes from the kids as my lap is running out of room for them.  Eden pointed out the other day that there just is not room for 3 babies on my lap anymore! 


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  1. Mom Says:

    Looking great!! Can’t wait to see that Gracie myself 🙂

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