• Posted by Ben on 21 Nov 2011

I gave away the punchline of this post in the title, but oh well! Its too good to keep you all in suspense! The high court justice today said that he has no objections to giving us the same travel order that we recently got from the lower court. He also said that the Children’s Office in NBO and the embassy should have accepted the lower court order, but that they tend to not trust the lower courts because they think some monkey business happens there.

Our favorite DCO was asked by the justice to come to court and give his thoughts on the matter. He arrived and gave no objections. Outside Were and I were trying to convince him to help us while our other favorite DCO was on leave. He was hesitant to do that. Lets hope we’re past the point of needing any more DCOs…

Meghan will be applying to USCIS for a Humanitarian Visa for Eden. Now that we have the high court travel order, the only reason they will might not approve that is if they still think we will keep Eden in the US forever. We’ve tried to prove otherwise every way from Sunday, but even that might not be enough.

There is a very slim chance we can get the actual adoption pushed through before Christmas. If we can get the heard by our agency’s committee this week, get a very speedy high court visit, and then get seen by the national adoption committee the first week of December, then the adoption is finalized and we can go wherever we please without a need for a Kenyan travel order. (Unfortunately we will still be locked out of the US unless they give her a b2 temp visa or i130 immigration visa, so we might go to Canada, eh?)

I foresee very little work getting done by me in the next few weeks. 🙁 Meghan used to handle most of the adoption things, but now its all on me with her and Andy back in the US!


4 Responses to “Travel Order #3 Granted!”

  1. Debbie James Says:

    wow…great news and some hope going forward!! Praise God!!! we will keep praying for the next step..love you

  2. Grandpa W. Says:

    In speaking of “the god’s” negative judgment. some one said a long time ago to the
    effect that ‘t hey’ work slowly but definitely (you may well know the quotation better
    than I can remember it now). And how much more the goodness of The God works
    out His will. Prayers are still needed. Amen.

  3. Mom Says:

    Hooray!!! One step forward. We love good news. Thanks Ben.


    hey Congratulations ,
    slow but sure and glory to our Great God.
    Milkah Cheptinga

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