• Posted by Ben on 12 Dec 2011

Eden turned three years old today! Saying that, 3 seems so much older than 2. (at least 50% older) And really, Eden acts it and then some. She does a great job expressing herself with words instead of just tantrums now. She loves to make conversation with anyone around her that will talk back with her. She plays with the “big kids” in the compound whenever they’re around (and they like playing with her). The best thing in the world, though, is to have things match: her hair ribbons, her shirt+pants, her shoes, her fingernail polish to her toenail polish, and the nirvana: her outfit to her doll’s outfit!

We celebrated with a grand ol’ party last night. Nearly everyone in the compound came for pizza, cake, and ice cream. We did an Elmo theme. He was splattered all over the plates, cups, noise makers, hats, gifts, and food. For some reason though, Eden and I were the only ones that wore our Elmo pants. But that was ok by her, at least we were matching!

Getting ready to sign for Eden

Elmo Cake

Chrissie's amazing homemade Elmo Cake

Elmo Cookies!

Izzy and Eunyoung made Elmo Cookies. They tasted even better than they looked!

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