• Posted by Meghan on 06 Jan 2012

I am now 36 weeks.  It’s very exciting to be getting so close to my due date and my nesting instincts have set in.  I’ve been very busy washing newborn clothes, rearranging furniture in our bedroom to make room for the cradle and a changing area and buying lots of necessities for Grace and me.  I bought a pack of those itty-bitty newborn diapers and was shocked that they are about the size of my hand.  I really think things have shrunk since Andy was born.  There’s no way he was ever that small!  🙂

I still feel great, although by dinnertime most days my back hurts from carrying Andy around and most days I find I need to catch a nap while Andy sleeps in order to stay awake until bedtime.  We had an ultrasound at my appointment on Monday and it was so much fun to see Grace!  They estimated she weighed 5 lbs 4 oz and all of her organs looked good.  We saw her spiky hair and she was sucking her thumb.  We could see her face pretty clearly and we watched her yawn, which was really cute!

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