• Posted by Meghan on 07 May 2012

Grace is now three months old and she is getting more fun every day. She likes to sit in her swing and go for rides in the stroller. She sleeps eight hours and then four hours at night and soon we will move her to her own room. She wakes up in the morning with lots of smiles and likes to join us at the table for breakfast.

Grace was a wonderful baby in Florida. She slept through the flights to Florida and was very patient about spending so much time in her car seat during our time at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom. She didn’t seem bothered by the heat and was able to go on a couple of rides at the Magic Kingdom. Gracie liked to sit by the pool and even got in a couple of times.

There are lots of coos and giggles coming from Grace these days. She gets excited and gasps occasionally and really likes to have “conversations” with us. I’m afraid that we might have another chatter-box on our hands. We were pardoned from our 3 month check-up with the doctor because we’re “experienced” parents so there isn’t a weight update, but Miss Grace is definitely getting heavy and has developed some chunky cheeks, as you can see below.

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