• Posted by Meghan on 01 Mar 2013

Grace is now 14 months and she is growing and changing so much! Ben was gone last week on a business trip and she seemed so different in just the week that he was gone. She was diagnosed with a double ear infection several weeks ago, and when we went in for her recheck both ears were still infected. She’s been on her new medication for several days now and I think it’s working because she is actually walking a lot more. She still crawls most of the time, but she will walk on her own now, as opposed to just when we made her do it. And she seems more stable then she did last week as well.

Grace is also talking a lot more. She says: mama, dada, eden, deda, all done, more, bye bye, hi and night night. She gives lots of kisses, shakes her head ‘no’ when she doesn’t want something, claps and is doing great with her milk. She cracks herself up by making noises with her mouth and she is suddenly very interested in books. She’s also been eating like crazy! Last night we went out for dinner and Grace ate a squeezey applesauce while we waited for our food, a bunch of chips with cheese dip, an entire corn dog and some french fries. Andy didn’t even finish his corn dog!

She loves being able to do whatever the big kids are doing. She follows them everywhere and is so happy when they include her in their games. She’s also toughened up quite a bit, not screaming and crying every time that Andy comes near her, although she is still very much the baby. She likes to be carried around and can do a convincing fake cry when she wants attention.

Gracie has her 15 month check up in a few weeks and we’re anxious to hear how much weight she’s gained and are hoping that her ear infections have cleared up.

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