• Posted by Meghan on 14 May 2013

Well…our baby is not a baby anymore! Grace is 15 months and is officially a walker. She can stand up in the middle of the floor, she can bend down and pick things up and she definitely walks more than she crawls. Grace is very happy to be able to chase Eden and Andy and access them easily. She can climb onto the couch and is able to pull herself onto Eden’s bed.

She says about 10 words and she understands so much! I don’t remember Eden or Andy being so good about following directions, but Grace will go find her shoes and bring them to me when I ask her to, she will crawl up the stairs when I tell her it’s time for bed or a bath and she goes right to her chair when we tell her it’s time to eat. She will even follow directions from Eden, which makes Eden very happy!

Grace had her first flight as a big girl when we went to California at the end of April. She did a great job on the planes and had her own seat on two of the four flights. She did a really good job adjusting to the time change, only waking up early one morning. She loved the pool but did not love being stuck in a floatie. She liked the ocean and stood in the water until her legs were cold and I dragged her out. She played in and ate the sand and she did a good job being flexible with her schedule and napping in her stroller.

Gracie is very happy as long as she is included in what everyone else is doing. She is my daredevil and will be the one to give me gray hairs. She is not afraid of anything and is willing to try anything that Eden and Andy are doing.

At her 15 month check up Grace weighed 17 lbs, 10 oz and was 30 inches long.

4 Responses to “Grace is 15 Months!”

  1. Deda Says:

    Cutest baby!!! Hi Gwace!!

  2. Lyn Watson Says:

    I guess I haven’t seen her in a few….she’s gotten SO big!!! 🙂

  3. Aunt Debbie Says:

    Oh, my…we need to visit soon…she is too cute as always!!

  4. Great Grandpa Ray Says:

    She is fitting well into the Wolfe family.

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