• Posted by Meghan on 17 Dec 2014

It’s hard to believe that our oldest could already be six years old! Eden is growing up so quickly (much too quickly in my opinion!). School has taken her to a whole new level of maturity, knowledge and confidence. She knows everything (she seriously told me that last week!) and if you thought she was bossy before, you should see her now! I know she’s honing her leadership skills and will probably make a fantastic teacher when she grows up. Word from her teacher is that Eden is quite the helper and likes to encourage other students to follow the rules and keep focused during class.

Eden had her first school performance right before Thanksgiving and she was very cute on stage. She of course knew all of the motions and every word to every song. She is doing well in school and has already mastered all of the kindergarten sight words so her teacher has been sending home additional words each week. Eden is very motivated to read, but says that math is her favorite subject. She started subtraction last week and she amazes me with how quickly she has grasped the concept.

She’s still a wonderful big sister, and is constantly coming up with new games and ideas to keep her siblings entertained. Being at school all day makes it seem like we barely see Eden anymore, but we know she loves being at school and she hasn’t had any problems adjusting to the long days.

Eden is still doing gymnastics and was promoted to level 1/2 this past session. She’s the youngest in her group, but she’s determined to not be the “worst” in the class and works hard to be able to do all of the things that the 7 and 8 year olds can do. It’s funny to watch her on the bars, where girls who are at least a head taller than her are doing pull overs with their feet on the ground, while Eden has to use her upper body strength to pull herself up and then her abs to flip herself around.

A new interest for Eden is art. And although the constant crafting often results in paper scraps, scissors, glue, glitter, and a variety of other things all over my kitchen table and floor, it’s fun to see what she comes up with and in my very biased opinion, it’s pretty good. It will be fun to see what other things Eden discovers as she learns and grows as a six year old!


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