• Posted by Meghan on 15 Jun 2015

Sarah’s sweet personality has continued to emerge. She loves to babble and wiggle around on the floor. She’s not quite crawling, but pulls up onto her hands and knees and rocks and has started army crawling. Sarah’s figured out that she can tell us she wants something by using her ‘pterodactyl cry’ and as you can imagine, it’s pretty effective!

Sarah is very good with her sippy cup and is eating a lot of food now. She’s still getting baby food at each meal, but has also had baby puffs and yougurt melts, banana pieces, any type of bread that we eat, soft carrots and peas, pasta and sausage. Her third bottom tooth came through this week, so she’s practically got a mouth full now!

We are traveling a lot this month and Sarah has been so good in the car. She upgraded to a convertible car seat instead of her infant carrier and she really likes her new ride! She doesn’t love sleeping in the pack-and-play but she’s being a pretty good sport about it. We’ve also basically thrown her schedule out the window and she has been great despite her lack of sleep. She has enjoyed playing in the pool and pretty much loves to do whatever everyone else is doing.

Sarah’s 9 month check up is at the end of the month after we’re home from our trips, so I’ll post her updated weight and length then!




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