• Posted by Meghan on 16 Jul 2015

Sarah is still grooving along, enjoying life as the baby of the family. She weighed in at 18 lbs and was 28 1/2 inches long at her appointment. She crawls all over the house now and has started to pull up to standing. When we put our hand out, Sarah knows to spit out whatever she happened to pop in her mouth while she was crawling around and she loves to wave at the cars that drive down our street.

Sarah has 4 teeth on bottom and this week her fangs popped through on top. She has pretty much given up on baby food and is doing really well with finger foods. She likes pasta and baked oatmeal best, but hasn’t really rejected anything we’ve given her. She’s as happy and easy going as ever, with the occasional screech to let us know she wants something (normally either food or Ben).

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  • Posted by Meghan on 15 Jun 2015

Sarah’s sweet personality has continued to emerge. She loves to babble and wiggle around on the floor. She’s not quite crawling, but pulls up onto her hands and knees and rocks and has started army crawling. Sarah’s figured out that she can tell us she wants something by using her ‘pterodactyl cry’ and as you can imagine, it’s pretty effective!

Sarah is very good with her sippy cup and is eating a lot of food now. She’s still getting baby food at each meal, but has also had baby puffs and yougurt melts, banana pieces, any type of bread that we eat, soft carrots and peas, pasta and sausage. Her third bottom tooth came through this week, so she’s practically got a mouth full now!

We are traveling a lot this month and Sarah has been so good in the car. She upgraded to a convertible car seat instead of her infant carrier and she really likes her new ride! She doesn’t love sleeping in the pack-and-play but she’s being a pretty good sport about it. We’ve also basically thrown her schedule out the window and she has been great despite her lack of sleep. She has enjoyed playing in the pool and pretty much loves to do whatever everyone else is doing.

Sarah’s 9 month check up is at the end of the month after we’re home from our trips, so I’ll post her updated weight and length then!



  • Posted by Meghan on 14 May 2015

Sarah is 8 months old now! It’s been a fun month as she is learning lots of new tricks and entertaining us all. She’s on a great schedule these days and still loves sleeping with her lovey over her face, which drives me crazy. She’s become very attached to Mommy and hates to be left alone. She screams and yells when she’s unhappy or hungry and is very ticklish.

She learned how to wave this month and does it more and more often. About half the time she waves, she waves towards herself and she really likes to wave at our pastor on the big screen at church. She also learned how to blow raspberries which the kids find hilarious. It’s so cute watching her try to get her tongue in the right spot.

Sarah’s first tooth popped through last week which has helped with the drooling and I’ve caught her rolling from her tummy to her back a few times in her bed. She’s also started scooting backwards which tends to make her very frustrated as she moves away from her toys!



  • Posted by Meghan on 17 Apr 2015

Gosh this past month just flew by! At seven months Sarah is just as smiley and happy as ever! She is very good at sitting up, she loves playing in her exersaucer, she chews on everything and has 4 bumps in her gums where teeth are starting to work their way through. She’s eating all kinds of baby food now and has started using her sippy cup. IMG_20150402_181715762

Sarah went on her first big road trip to Pittsburgh and was wonderful in the car! She chatted to herself and to Eden, she played with toys and slept, but she never cried. I actually took all 4 kids by myself on that trip and after I survived that I think I could survive anything!

We’ve enjoyed getting outside in the warm weather and Sarah has had fun in her swing. She likes to take rides in the stroller and sat in the grass for a bit this week.

We had a bit of a rough patch with Sarah’s sleeping but Daddy figured out the trick and now she’s sleeping in two pairs of pajamas and warm and snuggled in bed and back to sleeping through the night. We also thought something was going on with her ear because she was pulling at it all the time, but it turns out that she just didn’t like her hair tickling her ear and a quick trim by a friend fixed that issue.


  • Posted by Meghan on 17 Apr 2015

Ok, I wrote this at the same time I wrote Sarah’s 6 Month post because their appointment was the same day, but I forgot to post Andy’s, so here it is!

So I know I’m late writing this post, but the kids had their appointments today and I was waiting until I had updated stats on the them.

Andy had a busy year as a four year old! He was a ring bearer in two weddings, he learned how to ride a two-wheeler, he went on a few trips, got a new baby sister and had many other adventures! So far 5 is pretty awesome, too!

Last summer, Eden and Andy went to a soccer camp and in the fall Andy played rec soccer. Ben was the coach and I think overall they both had a good time. Andy thought he was pretty hot stuff and it was neat to watch him improve over the course of the season. Both kids are looking forward to camp again this summer and Andy is planning to play again in the fall.

Andy LOVES Legos right now. He likes to follow the “map” and build the set but he also spends a lot of time creating his own designs. He likes to make cars and houses and has spent some time watching Lego videos on YouTube so his newest interest is making his own videos.

One of the best things about Andy these days is watching him with Sarah. He really likes to hold her and make her smile. He constantly talks about how cute she is and he wants to see her as soon as she wakes up and has to hug and kiss her before he goes to school. It’s really sweet watching him dote on her and care for her.

It is so fun watching Andy grow up! He is still very much a sweet little boy who loves to snuggle and hug but he’s also very much a rough and tumble boy. He is quite a thinker and it’s fun watching him think through problems and make connections. Everything started clicking for Andy this school year and as I write I am in the process of filling out his Kindergarten registration! At his check up today he weighed 41 lbs and was 44 3/4 inches tall! He screamed and cried during his shots and then asked to go to McDonald’s to help him recover.


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