• Posted by Ben on 21 Dec 2015

Sarah has made some big strides in the last couple of months. The main one being that she is actually striding around now: walking everywhere she can and attempting to go most places she should not! (video is a few weeks old, she’s much steadier now!)

What really helps around the house is that she knows the meaning of the word “no” (probably because she hears it a lot). She’ll think about it a bit and then put it down or stop doing what she’s doing. If its said in a particularly harsh way to her though (especially from me) she will immediately stick her bottom lip out as far as possible and wail for a few minutes.

Even though her first word was “dada” a few months back she has all but forgotten that. Now everything is mamma mamma mamma. Its used for both Meghan and anything that she wants you to give to her. Her vocab is still limited: “Up” comes out as “uppa” and “more” is just “maaahhhh” accompanied by an emphatic baby sign language gesture for “more”. She does a great job entertaining herself…unless “mamma” is anywhere nearby. Then she is the only entertainment that will do! She’s still a great traveler, mostly because she has the “fall asleep instantly” in the car gene.

She made a bit of progress in the height/weight department: 21 lb 6 ounces and 31 inches tall this go round. She received 5 vaccine shots and a prick of the finger to draw some blood. She was not happy about any of those, but a sucker made her all smiles again!


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