• Posted by Meghan on 17 Apr 2015

Ok, I wrote this at the same time I wrote Sarah’s 6 Month post because their appointment was the same day, but I forgot to post Andy’s, so here it is!

So I know I’m late writing this post, but the kids had their appointments today and I was waiting until I had updated stats on the them.

Andy had a busy year as a four year old! He was a ring bearer in two weddings, he learned how to ride a two-wheeler, he went on a few trips, got a new baby sister and had many other adventures! So far 5 is pretty awesome, too!

Last summer, Eden and Andy went to a soccer camp and in the fall Andy played rec soccer. Ben was the coach and I think overall they both had a good time. Andy thought he was pretty hot stuff and it was neat to watch him improve over the course of the season. Both kids are looking forward to camp again this summer and Andy is planning to play again in the fall.

Andy LOVES Legos right now. He likes to follow the “map” and build the set but he also spends a lot of time creating his own designs. He likes to make cars and houses and has spent some time watching Lego videos on YouTube so his newest interest is making his own videos.

One of the best things about Andy these days is watching him with Sarah. He really likes to hold her and make her smile. He constantly talks about how cute she is and he wants to see her as soon as she wakes up and has to hug and kiss her before he goes to school. It’s really sweet watching him dote on her and care for her.

It is so fun watching Andy grow up! He is still very much a sweet little boy who loves to snuggle and hug but he’s also very much a rough and tumble boy. He is quite a thinker and it’s fun watching him think through problems and make connections. Everything started clicking for Andy this school year and as I write I am in the process of filling out his Kindergarten registration! At his check up today he weighed 41 lbs and was 44 3/4 inches tall! He screamed and cried during his shots and then asked to go to McDonald’s to help him recover.


  • Posted by Meghan on 28 Feb 2013

Where has the time gone? It seems like not long ago we were snuggling baby Andy and lugging him around, and now we can barely keep up with him!

Andy had an entire week to celebrate turning 3! It started off with a sleepover and visit to a train museum and restaurant with Deda and Papa which, as you can imagine, was AMAZING to Andy. Then a trip to the fire station on Monday. Andy LOVED seeing the 3 fire trucks and the ambulance and was also pretty interested in the fire pole. He didn’t actually ask if he could slide down it, but he did want to know basically everything else about it. After the fire station we met Daddy for lunch at Firehouse Subs.

On Wednesday, his actual birthday, Andy got to pick the menu, so we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, hot dogs and mac and cheese for lunch and pizza for dinner (we are so proud of his healthy choices!). On Thursday, Andy got to go to Uncle Bill’s Pet Shop with Eden’s preschool class. He was allowed to sit in the circle with Eden’s class before we left the church and even got to help with the good morning song. He thought he was pretty special being a part of Eden’s school! Friday we had his birthday party. It was a fire truck theme and all of the kids wore fire hats and spent a lot of time pretending to spray people with their fire hoses. Andy had a great time playing, opening gifts and eating a big piece of cake.

Andy has been working very hard at being gentle with others and has really been doing a good job monitoring himself. He puts on his own shoes, gets himself partially dressed, loves to be chased by Ben around the house, and is suddenly very opinionated about everything (like which seat he should sit in, what socks he should wear, what cars he takes with him and what tv shows we watch). He’s still really into any transportation related things and would watch documentaries on cars, trucks, trains, etc for hours if we let him. A new interest is monster trucks, although we had to put an end to Andy being a monster truck because the main job of a monster truck is to run over things and Eden and Grace did not enjoy being constantly run over.

Andy still has a very sweet and snuggly side. He’s always the one to ask us to cuddle him at bedtime, needs extra hugs and kisses before Ben goes to work and before going to sleep, and is the first to be concerned when someone else is crying. He’s also developing quite a humorous side, cracking Ben and I up with his delivery. He got his eyebrows from Ben and is already figuring out how to manipulate them for added impact. Andy has always been very easy going and still is, for the most part. He’s content to play with Eden when she’s in a playing mood, or is happy to drive his cars around in the basement when she’s in a funk. He’ll sit and watch tv until we turn it off (which is great in the car!), but likes to sit in our laps and read or play outside as well. He’s VERY anxious to start school next year and loves going to church and Wiggle Worship, although he’s ready to get out of the buggy!

At Andy’s check up he weighed 34 pounds and was 38 1/2 inches tall (75 percentile in both). He did a great job answering questions and following directions during the appointment and Dr. Timmons was very pleased with how he is doing.

  • Posted by Meghan on 18 Sep 2012

Whew! We’re behind, but tonight is the first night that we’ve had internet at the new house, so I’m playing catch-up.

Andy is now 2 1/2! He’s as busy as ever but is much more articulate and opinionated! It’s been so fun to listen to Andy’s speech develop over the last several months. He loves to talk and is quite good at expressing himself now. He is still plays pretty rough, even when he’s trying to be gentle and he’s always on the move. He could spend hours driving his cars, trucks and trains around and is very happy with his new rug that has streets and buildings on it in the basement. He recently decided he likes to read books as well and is constantly pulling books off of the shelf to read.

The hardest part of Andy’s life is that Eden is going to school and he isn’t. Every day that we drop Eden off is a struggle. He throws himself on the floor of the church and cries when we’re trying to leave because he wants to stay. I look like superwoman dragging Andy out under one arm and Grace in her car seat on the other.

Grace is getting more and more mobile. She army crawls everywhere and is fast! She is getting better at crawling on her hands and knees, but her arms can’t support her for very long. She started chatting a few weeks ago, although the most common sound from her is screaming. That’s pretty much the only way she can be heard above her siblings.

Last week, Eden and I were sitting on her bed talking and Grace was sitting on the floor. Suddenly, Grace’s cute little face popped up over the edge of the bed! She had crawled over to the bed and pulled herself into a standing position.

The kids are keeping us busy but it’s fun (most of the time!).

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On February 20th, our baby boy officially became a toddler!  Some (like my parents) would argue that Andy’s personality entered the two’s a little early, but now he is really two.  We celebrated the day by having a mac and cheese lunch and cupcakes, which was Andy’s choice.  On Friday he had his two year check up and weighed 30 lbs, 12 oz and was 38 1/2 inches tall.  He’s grown two inches since we came back from Kenya in November!  We had his Cars birthday party on Saturday with some friends and family and he had a great time.  He was so excited to open his presents and blow out the candles.

Andy is still a sweet boy, but has definitely become more physical and more prone to meltdowns.  I’m holding out hope that these are due to all of the changes over the last month and that Andy will settle down once we find our rhythm.  Otherwise, Andy loves to play with Eden and wrestle with Ben, and always wants to hold Gracie.  He likes to play with his cars and trucks and runs everywhere.  Andy is talking a lot and he has likes to yell, “I did it!” after every accomplishment, no matter how great or small.

  • Posted by Meghan on 30 Dec 2011

Andy is now 22 months old and becoming more like a 2 year old every day.  He is talking more and asserting himself more.  He is coming up with his own ideas and makes us laugh with the things he remembers.  The other day I was driving to Indy and he started talking about Javan’s car being hot and smokey which was from our trip to Nairobi in October when the van broke down.

Today Andy counted to 10 which shocked me and he has even started singing a couple of songs.  He loves to finish our sentences, such as “Home again, home again….”  Andy has been very happy this week while Uncle Colin is home and the Smiley clan was around.  He’s had lots of attention and lots of boys to rough house with.

Andy LOVED opening presents at Christmas and I have to keep an eye on him because he would really like to open Eden and Ben’s presents which are under the tree.  He was fun to watch because he gets so excited when he starts to open the gift and then gasps when he finally can see what’s inside.  Then he just wants to sit and play with that gift for a while and he needs encouraged to open the next one.  Andy also had fun playing in the snow, as you can see below!

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