• Posted by Meghan on 14 May 2015

Sarah is 8 months old now! It’s been a fun month as she is learning lots of new tricks and entertaining us all. She’s on a great schedule these days and still loves sleeping with her lovey over her face, which drives me crazy. She’s become very attached to Mommy and hates to be left alone. She screams and yells when she’s unhappy or hungry and is very ticklish.

She learned how to wave this month and does it more and more often. About half the time she waves, she waves towards herself and she really likes to wave at our pastor on the big screen at church. She also learned how to blow raspberries which the kids find hilarious. It’s so cute watching her try to get her tongue in the right spot.

Sarah’s first tooth popped through last week which has helped with the drooling and I’ve caught her rolling from her tummy to her back a few times in her bed. She’s also started scooting backwards which tends to make her very frustrated as she moves away from her toys!



  • Posted by Meghan on 17 Apr 2015

Gosh this past month just flew by! At seven months Sarah is just as smiley and happy as ever! She is very good at sitting up, she loves playing in her exersaucer, she chews on everything and has 4 bumps in her gums where teeth are starting to work their way through. She’s eating all kinds of baby food now and has started using her sippy cup. IMG_20150402_181715762

Sarah went on her first big road trip to Pittsburgh and was wonderful in the car! She chatted to herself and to Eden, she played with toys and slept, but she never cried. I actually took all 4 kids by myself on that trip and after I survived that I think I could survive anything!

We’ve enjoyed getting outside in the warm weather and Sarah has had fun in her swing. She likes to take rides in the stroller and sat in the grass for a bit this week.

We had a bit of a rough patch with Sarah’s sleeping but Daddy figured out the trick and now she’s sleeping in two pairs of pajamas and warm and snuggled in bed and back to sleeping through the night. We also thought something was going on with her ear because she was pulling at it all the time, but it turns out that she just didn’t like her hair tickling her ear and a quick trim by a friend fixed that issue.


  • Posted by Meghan on 26 Mar 2015

Sarah is six months old and had her check up today. She is growing way too fast! Sarah can sit up and roll from her back to her belly. She is very smiley and recently has had some stranger anxiety. She loves Ben more than pretty much everyone else.

Sarah has been eating a lot of different foods. She’s had carrots, peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, pears, apples and baby oatmeal. She eats oatmeal for breakfast every morning and three “cubes” of fruit or veggies for dinner every night. She gets a bottle at 8pm and was sleeping until 4am then until 7:30, but the last couple of nights she’s gone until 5am or 6am and then until 7:30.

Sarah is still a happy baby and very content. It helps that she’s constantly fawned over by her siblings. She loves her paci, she loves to snuggle and she loves to eat! At her appointment she weighed 16 lbs and was 26 3/4 inches long.



  • Posted by Meghan on 12 Feb 2015

Sarah is five months today! She’s getting so big and continues to be easy going and pleasant. She’s had a cold this past week, but it hasn’t bothered her too much, other than waking up a couple of extra times each night because her nose is stuffy and she can’t suck on her paci which makes her really mad.

She can sit up by herself for short periods of time and is SO close to rolling from back to front. She’s such a content baby that she’s really had no interest in rolling. She’s happy to just lay on her back and look around or lay on her tummy and check things out, but the kids and I have been making her practice and she’s almost got it!

She started rice cereal this month and loves to eat at the dinner table with us. It took her a couple of days to get the hang of it, but now she gobbles it down. Sarah likes to play in her exersaucer and still enjoys rocking in her swing. One of her favorite things is to have her diaper changed and she recently discovered the joy of snuggling with a lovey which is very sweet.

Sarah is on a great schedule, although I think she’s getting ready to drop down to two naps a day. She sleeps 9pm-9am, waking at 6 to eat. I would love it if Sarah would bump that early feed to 7, but she is a fast eater and goes right back to sleep, so I’m not complaining! 🙂


  • Posted by Meghan on 28 Jan 2015

Sarah finally had her 4 month check up today. She was 13lbs, 13oz and 25 1/2 inches long. She is pretty much always happy and has been caught laughing a couple of times. (check out her cute laugh: http://youtu.be/cNE6P1CpXk8) She loves sitting at the table with the family during meals and has even started hanging out in her exersaucer.

She now reaches for toys and tries to put everything into her mouth. She has almost figured out how to get her paci back in without assistance (yay!) and sleeps 9pm to 7am. Sometimes she wakes up during the night and “sings” to herself for a bit before going back to sleep. It’s a little hard to sleep through but is pretty cute. 🙂

Sarah 4 months

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