• Posted by Ben on 05 Dec 2010

On Wednesday Andy finally started crawling like a normal baby! He’s been army crawling for a month or so. We would put him up on all fours but he’d just rock back and forth and then lay on his belly and scoot. However, he finally got the courage (or arm strength) to stay up on his knees as he went forward and he was off! Neither Meghan nor I were forcing it (at the time) either; he just off and crawled. (He probably saw the TV remote sitting all alone and waiting to be chewed on)
Between dragging himself around and rolling he could get anywhere he wanted to. However, now he is really moving. If he sees something across the room he’ll work himself around and just go over there. If we leave him in the living room and go into the kitchen he’ll crawl over and peek around the corner at us with a huge smile on his face!
I delayed writing this post hoping that I could get a nice video of him crawling. Unfortunately he reverts to the army scoot every time I turn the camera on! However, this morning I finally caught him! See the Videos page for the video.
While I was uploading the video I noticed that it had been a few months since I posted some. You’ll be happy to know I’ve rectified that and posted about 15 videos! If you want to watch them in order, this is the first one of that group.

FYI: You can see the crawling video on the blip.tv site in a bigger player: http://wolfes.blip.tv/file/4470255

Note that there were some notable videos in this batch: Eden’s braided hair, Andy’s first teeth, Andy standing, Eden climbing onto the toilet by herself, and Andy feeding himself!

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