• Posted by Ben on 11 Apr 2011

We have already resettled in Eldoret. The house that was supposed to be done for us is now not scheduled to be done until May 1st. 🙁 Luckily the IU compound people were looking out us and had a few rooms reserved in case. Unfortunately the rooms were in a house that is not meant for long term guests: no table/chairs, not much furniture, and no fridge! Between those and the unblocked stairs we almost went batty staying there.

But God was looking out for our sanity, and several rooms opened up in Joe Mamlin’s house (Director of AMPATH). Joe and Sarah Ellen have 3 extra rooms in their house that are usually reserved for the VIP guests. Apparently we’re the most important people that are going to be around AMPATH until mid May, so as of this afternoon, we are now living with them. Yay! A table! Refrigerator! Rugs! No stairs!

This is my office at Joe’s seldom used dining room table until we get our own house (with our own dining table):
Joe's Dining Room

For those of you that are curious, that was not OUR van in the picture in the last post, that was a hired taxi/van that brought us from NBO to ELD. Our minivan is scheduled to be shipped from Japan tomorrow and arrive in Mombasa May 2nd or so.

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