• Posted by Meghan on 12 Oct 2009

If you heard the echo of a very loud HOORAY late this morning, it was me shouting for joy after our hearing. We finally made it into court at around 4. We met in the magistrate’s chambers and she asked me some questions and heard from the lawyer. She was really wonderful and wanted to see pictures of Eden and I think if she could have authorized the adoption she would have done it today. Our lawyer had drawn up the papers granting us custody in hopes that the magistrate would approve us so she was able to sign the order right away. She laughed when he handed her the papers because normally after she gives her verdict, the lawyer goes back and types out the order and then you have to make another appointment and go back to get them signed. He told her we were so anxious to have her home that he had prepared them ahead of time. After I left the room, she told the lawyer that she was glad that I was pregnant and still wanted to adopt Eden because that shows that we really love Eden and aren’t just looking to get a baby quickly.

All of that was very exciting but we didn’t get out of there until 5. The next step is to go to the District Children’s Office again and get our paper signed by them, and then we get to take Eden from the hospital. We were hoping to be able to bring her home tonight but since we didn’t finish in court until 5, the DCO was already closed. We are going first thing tomorrow morning, then back to the hospital to get Eden and then we will come home! We can’t wait! Eden is more sick today and the doctor gave her medicine for her cough. When she coughs really hard it makes her throw up (which she did many times today) and Eden is currently refusing food. She drank some guava juice and a little milk and ate a few french fries but she wouldn’t eat anything else. We need to get her home so that we can take good care of her and get her feeling better! We will be sure to take pictures tomorrow and post them.  God is so faithful in answering our prayers!  We are very thankful to be blessed with this amazing little girl and can’t wait to see what other awesome plans God has for her.  Please continue to pray that things move quickly tomorrow and that Eden is feeling better soon!

6 Responses to “HOORAY!!!”

  1. Katie Says:

    OH MY GOSH!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you two and cannot wait to meet little Eden! What an adventure, I’m so glad that everything is working out and what good parents the two of you will be. I’ll be one proud aunt! Can’t wait to talk to all three of you!

  2. deb james Says:

    Praise God!!! She is so very cute!!! I bought some things over the weekend and am sending them to your mom in the morning, hoping they come to Africa with the IU guy. We are so glad for you!! I love the picture of Ben holding her when she sleeps, and of you walking and dancing while holding her. The best!!!
    Aunt Deb for all

  3. Carey Says:

    GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  4. Dad Says:

    We cried with joy. Love, Dad

  5. donna Says:

    We were thrilled to hear the wonderful news! we can’t wait to meet her and hold her. Love Aunt Donna

  6. Neila Says:

    Ben and Meghan,
    So excited for you and precious little Eden! Praying that all the details come together, that Eden is healed, and that you are soon a family of 3.5 :). Blessings abounding…rejoicing with you, and praying for you! She is beautiful…those eyelashes….the Pannells

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