• Posted by Meghan on 11 Oct 2009

So we haven’t posted anything in a while and apparently folks are getting antsy! 🙂 Ben and I have been pretty consumed with trying to get the Eden situation worked out. It’s really been a roller coaster. One day we get great news and the next we get awful news. Ben and I are not sleeping well and Eden apparently hasn’t been either. The nurses told me that she just cries all night long. I think she also isn’t feeling well. A couple of the other babies had colds last week and I’m afraid that Eden caught it. I was very careful to keep her away from the germs but when I got to STC on Thursday one of the girls was feeding Eden and one of the sick babies with the same spoon! Ugh!

Anyway, she has been taking really long naps and hasn’t been her normal cheery self. Today she threw up on each of us. Ben mostly got water, but I definitely didn’t. She did start feeding herself for the first time today and Ben got it on video and will post it soon!

We file in Children’s Court tomorrow and hopefully will be able to be heard tomorrow as well. If things go well there, Eden should be able to come home with us right away. We’ve already been to the store to buy all the necessities and we even got a pack-n-play. It’s red and gray for all you West Side fans! We aren’t allowed to bring Eden here, so if she is able to come home with us, we will have to move across the alley. The family there owns their house (our house is owned by IU) and they are willing to rent us a room. It will be really nice to still be on the compound where we know everyone. We’ll be sure to post an update as soon as we have one! Please pray that things go well on Monday and that Eden can come home with us!

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  1. Carey Says:

    I will be praying nonstop. God will deliver!!!

  2. donna Says:

    Lauren and I will be praying and waiting anxiously to hear how things go in court! The two of you are very brave to be going through all of this. We wish we were closer and could be helpful! Love Aunt Donna

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