• Posted by Meghan on 17 Jan 2010

Sorry for the delay in updating everyone on the pregnancy. Things have been so busy since we came home!

The end of the pregnancy has been going so quickly. I am now 35 weeks pregnant and I still feel pretty good. I have occasional discomfort and spend about an hour awake each night waiting for Andy to go back to sleep after I go to the bathroom. I have almost decided to make my permanent residence in the bathroom. It feels like my bladder is always full although this is clearly not the case since most of the time hardly anything comes out (too much info??? :-)). I haven’t really gotten used to my big belly and find that I am often ramming Andy into doors, Ben and anything else that I try to squeeze past. Andy is definitely running out of space and I can feel him kicking and punching all the time. He had the hiccups for the first time last week and it was funny to see my entire stomach jump.

We have now taken our hospital tour, our childbirth preparation classes and our breastfeeding class. I think we know the material pretty well, but can you really be prepared for childbirth? We’re getting very excited as we get closer and closer. We have started to make plans for decorating Andy’s room and hopefully we will be ready for him when he decides to come! 35 Weeks-1

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  1. Mom Says:

    Hey, I think you’re pregnant 🙂 Andy looks great, and so do you.

  2. Lyn Says:

    You look adorable.

  3. The Wolfe Family » 33 Weeks Says:

    […] She is sitting much lower than Andy did.  (You can see a picture of me at 35 weeks with Andy here).  It’s funny how different this pregnancy has been from Andy’s.  I suppose her being […]

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