• Posted by Meghan on 22 Jun 2010

Wow! Where has the time gone. Obviously I am late writing this, but better late than never. Ben and I were talking the other day and realized that now Eden has spent half of her life with us! HOORAY!!

It is unbelievable how much she is changing. Though she hasn’t changed much in size (she is an inch taller and one pound heavier than she was 3 months ago!) she is getting so much more independent, verbal and expressive. She still loves to dance and has recently started singing. She gets the tune and sings a mixture of jibber-jabber and words. Her favorite is “asjah, asjah, ugha du DOWN!” (ashes, ashes, we all fall down!) She even started singing in Swahili. They sang a very simple song at the Sally Test Center that goes, “Lala, toto, lala” which means “sleep, baby, sleep”. She now sings along with me when I sing it to Andy in the car.

In addition to singing, she is also stringing words together. We turned Eden’s car seat around before the DC trip and she can see everything much better now, especially Andy. We often hear her yelling from the back, “Oh no! Baby, paci!” which means that Andy’s pacifier has fallen out.

Another new thing, which is not as pleasant as the others, is that Eden is now very afraid of thunder. The recent storms have put her on edge and she flies into my lap practically shaking every time she hears a loud noise. We hope that the summer is going well for you and that the recent storms have been less traumatic at your home than at ours. 🙂

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