• Posted by Meghan on 20 Jul 2010

Wow! Time flies when you have two babies! It seems like just yesterday that Andy was born and he’s already 5 months. He is more fun every day. He loves it when Ben blows in his face (we’re concerned about Andy’s sense of smell…) and bouncing on our knees. He likes playing peek-a-boo and watching the ceiling fans. He still hasn’t rolled all the way over, but he can sit up!! He does pretty well but after about a minute or so starts to slump forward until he’s kissing his feet.

Speaking of which, Andy has found his feet! He loves holding them while he lays in his crib and has sucked on his toes a couple of times. We’re surprised that he can get his toes in his mouth around that big belly! Andy is doing much better with his cereal which he eats each night during dinner. We put him on the scale at home with Ben and estimate that Andy now weighs between 18-19 lbs.

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