• Posted by Meghan on 15 Aug 2010

Eden turned 20 months old on Thursday. She is constantly learning new things and it is hard to even keep up with her developing language. She learned three new words just today and is using them appropriately AND she learned how to fist bump (thanks, Matt!). She is very helpful right now; emptying her dishes from the dishwasher and helping me move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. She also likes to throw things into the trash. Eden is doing great with the potty although she has figured out what a weapon her pee is. When she gets mad at us she pees on the floor. On Friday she saw a cake on tv and had a fit because she couldn’t have cake. She came into the kitchen where I was doing dishes and peed on my foot. We had a VERY long and stern discussion about using our words when we are upset instead of using our pee. (She learned the word ‘mad’ that day. :-))

Eden’s Sunday school teacher came to me while I was working in the nursery today to ask me what I think about bumping her up to the 2’s class. They said that she is much more advanced than the kids in her class and they feel like she would enjoy the 2’s class more. Plus, there is a potty in the 2’s classroom and there isn’t one in her current room. It was nice to hear but the best part of her Sunday school time today was that even though Eden could see Ben in the nursery, she stayed in her class and did the things her teacher asked her to do instead of crying and trying to crawl over the gate to Ben. It’s nice to see her growing up, even if it’s also a little bit sad.

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