• Posted by Meghan on 13 Nov 2010

Yesterday Eden turned 23 months. She is learning things so quickly now and loves to repeat everything that we say. Her new obsession is with VeggieTales.  She walks around the house singing the theme song, and we’re not allowed to listen to any other music in the car. She walks up and down the stairs now instead of crawling and has only rolled down them once. 🙂 My favorite new character trait is the ‘tattle-tale’. She must be related to her mother because she constantly tattles on Andy when she catches him doing something he’s not allowed to do. We often hear her saying, “No, no, no Andy!” as she rips something out of his hands.

She was a good “helper” today while we raked the front yard until she discovered how much fun the piles of leaves are and started playing instead of helping.

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  1. Donna Says:

    I am glad she is a good helper in the yard, maybe she can help ryan cut down the huge tree with the thorns on it saturday!!!!

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