• Posted by Meghan on 15 Dec 2010

On Sunday we celebrated Eden’s second birthday! She is very grown up these days.  She is talking in complete sentences and does a great job explaining herself when we don’t understand her.  She recently started saying while Ben is watching the Colts play on Sunday: “after Dada’s football done, I want watch Elmo.” And she is understanding more and paying attention to what is going on around her.  Last night Eden asked Ben for more juice and Ben said he needed to check with me.  Eden turned to me right away and said, “Say yes Mama!”

She still loves to climb and sing and takes particular pleasure in accomplishing things by herself.  She recently mastered the skill of pulling her pants up and down which has made potty time much easier on Mommy and Daddy.  🙂  Eden really enjoys playing with Andy now, especially tag.  Eden runs to Andy, hits him, then runs the opposite direction so that Andy crawls after her.  We got some great two year pictures, but this one really captured Eden.

5 Responses to “Eden is 2 Years Old!”

  1. Mom Says:

    Hooray for being two. I love the picture.

  2. Lyn Says:

    Wow….what a difference a year makes! Darling picture, beautiful child!

  3. Aunt Debbie Says:

    super pix of Eden- that does say it all!!!
    love ya

  4. Aunt Donna Says:

    What a darling picture!! Can’t wait to see all of you.

  5. nana Says:

    WOW! that photographer deserves a medal!! She really did capture the essence of Eden-great picture. She looks so grown up even compared to 6 mos ago.

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