• Posted by Meghan on 20 Apr 2011

It seems like Andy has changed a lot since we arrived in Eldoret.  He is still very busy and climbs on everything, but he’s more independent and likes to wander and play on his own instead of sticking to my legs all of the time.  He has started going to bed with a toy car.  He doesn’t have a particular one that he likes to sleep with, but he wants one of his matchbox or tonka cars in his hand when we put him in bed.

He has entered into a bit of a shy stage.  I don’t know if that’s just because of his age, or because of all the new faces, but he hides his face against us when new people try to talk to him.  He is used to the Mamlin’s and the women that work in the house (Janet and Maggie) and will let them hold him or play with him.  He learned how to crawl in and out of his pack-n-play and he likes to drag his Twiga and blanket around with him.

He finally figured out how to stand up off the floor instead of crawling to something and pulling himself up.  He also learned how to back down steps.  This is great, except that now he can get out the front door (which is always open) and runs around on the porch by himself.  The other day I found him outside eating berries off a plant.  Ugh!

Andy is talking more.  His new words include saying ‘up’ when he wants picked up, he says Elmo, go go go, hi, Jambo, uh oh and most recently he started saying “no!” which he learned from Ben.  He gets lots of compliments on his eyes and hair and at church there was a little girl who spent about 10 minutes just running her hands through his hair. He was much too busy playing with his car to notice.

2 Responses to “Andy is 14 Months!”

  1. Mom Says:

    He’s growing and changing too fast. Tell him to wait until June 🙂

  2. Aunt Debbie Says:

    Oh, my…sort of forgot how amazing a blond haired blue eyed cutie would be!!We are equally amazed by him here,…bring him and his cute sister home soon!!..oh, and “Ben too!

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