• Posted by Ben on 25 May 2011

Meghan joins me today as a “late 20 something”! To celebrate her birthday we’re going on a weekend excursion to Lake Baringo. Its meant to just be a relaxing time away from all the “hustle and bustle” of Kenyan life. Oh wait, no, we don’t have any hustle and bustle. I guess we’re just going for the pool and to get a close encounter with a hippo or two!

Meghan and I went to Lake Baringo in 2009 but stayed at a different hotel. When going out on our (rickety) canoe tour we passed by the Soi Safari Lodge and wished we had stayed there! So this time we’re doing it right and staying at the much higher quality hotel!

The Soi Safari Lodge Hotel at Lake Baringo

See more pictures on their website:
Soi Safari Lodge at Lake Baringo

Feel free to leave your comments below about how jealous you are…

5 Responses to “Happy Birthday Meghan!”

  1. Deda Says:

    It looks beautiful!! I may be more jealous of the fact that she’s joining you in her “late twenties”!! Have a great trip 🙂
    Happy Birthday Megs!!

  2. Lauren Says:

    Happy birthday megs! I miss you guys! Have so much fun!

  3. Aunt Debbie Says:

    Are there any monkeys at this pool? If so, I might not be jealous! Happy Birthday, Meghan@

  4. Ryan & Anna Says:

    Stay away from those hippos. I heard they can be mean! Have a great birthday weekend Megs! We miss you.

  5. Aunt Donna Says:

    Meghan, Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful time the hotel looks nice and the pool looks fabulous!

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