• Posted by Meghan on 30 May 2011

We had a great time at Lake Baringo this weekend!  It took us about 3 hours to get there.  We drove down the hills of the Rift Valley to get to Lake Baringo and the temperature climbed as we descended!  We arrived around noon, were welcomed with fresh squeezed mango juice in the lobby and toured the grounds where we saw lots of birds and monkeys.  Then we quickly changed into bathing suits and were served lunch by the pool.  We spent part of the afternoon inside because it was just too hot and sunny for the kids.  We ate an enormous dinner and then went down for an early bedtime.

Unfortunately, Ben and I were awakened at 1 am by Andy crying.  His enormous dinner had revisited all over his crib and pajamas. We changed him and cleaned up then spent the rest of the night taking care of him while he battled an upset stomach.  By morning he seemed much better and we had a quick breakfast, with fresh squeezed watermelon, mango and pineapple juice as well as omelets made to order, assorted breads, fresh fruit and other yummy foods.  Then we took our boat ride to see the hippos.  They gave us an extended tour because it was such a nice day and it was just our family, so we spent almost 2 hours in the boat.  It was really beautiful and the kids loved it.  Andy fell asleep about 45 minutes before the tour ended.  We went back to the room, got on our bathing suits and headed to the pool again.  After a quick swim we lunched and then took naps (all of us!).  After naps, poor Andy was sick again, Ben and I each had a massage at the salon and then we all went swimming.

At dinner Sunday night, the entire staff came dancing out of the kitchen in a conga line singing birthday songs (and then other random songs) while carrying a birthday cake for me!  It was really fun and everyone in the restaurant sang and clapped.  The cake was pretty good and we shared with the other people that were eating near us.  That night, in hopes that the sickness was due to heat, Andy spent the night under the AC with just a mosquito net over his bed, instead of a blanket.  He seemed much happier like that and didn’t have any more problems.  On Monday morning we had breakfast and went for one last quick swim.  Then Eden had her hair braided at the salon and we headed home.

The kids were great travelers and we all had a wonderful time.  The staff was lovely and the hotel was very “American” compared to most places here.  Our room had AC, TV and a mini fridge!  I told Ben several times that I want to live at Soi Safari.  🙂

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