• Posted by Meghan on 18 May 2011

We apologize for this post being so long in coming.  We haven’t had internet at the house and it’s quite hard for me to load up the kids and the computer to go someplace with internet.

We moved in to our new house on May 1! Our first guest arrived May 3 so we settled quickly and then poor Jeremy Keiper (a good friend and co-worker from back home) had to be here while we worked out all of the kinks.  We’ve had just a few major problems, such as the guest shower not having hot water and the sink not draining AND leaking.  Also, during the first big rain, water came pouring in to the kitchen from under our side door.  The door has since been fixed, the sink has kind of been fixed and nothing has been done with the shower.  We are living off of our landlords electricity right now so at night when a lot of people are using it you can get quite a shock from touching the stove, microwave or toaster.  Andy learned his lesson the other night when he touched the stove. Other than that, things are great and we’re all happy to have so much space.

It’s really nice to be in our own place and for everyone to have their own rooms.  We’ve started to accumulate furniture and carpets which have helped to cut down on the echos.  The front porch is one of our favorite things because we can close the gate which allows us to leave the door open for the kids to play inside or on the porch.  We now have 3/4 of our sidewalk which is great but we’re really looking forward to it being completed so that we can push the stroller right to our door.  They’ve also planted grass which they tell us will be looking good in about 3 weeks.  When everything is finished it will be REALLY nice, but living through the process is a bit tiring.  Fortunately, the workers are really nice and the kids love to play together.

I’m including some pictures, although there have been quite a few changes since I took them.  I’ll look to update more over the next few days!

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  1. Aunt Debbie Says:

    Wow, Megs..the home is lovely! Lots of space and the porch is super. I agree that with the grass in and the sidewalk, it will be extra great.
    What is status with the courts?Anything new? love and miss you

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